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ColCom is a handy tool when it comes to generating a revision header. ColCom extracts source code comments and inserts the formatted text at the top.


MAB 2010.09.18 Bug fixed
WIH 2010.04.10 created
{CVS* Bug fixed} <<-- original text
{CVS: 2010.09.18 Bug fixed }


Parameters: ColCom.exe /file= /user= /insert=


ColCom is an application for extracting comments from files. It is a command-line tool and is meant to be used by programmers. ColCom´s main advantage is to transfers comments from the body source automatically to other destinations in code or to an external file.

You can use ColCom to copy comments from the body of source code to a history part at the beginning of the document, so a programmer just write comments at once.

Comments can be copied to defined locations in a file. Moreover one extern file will be applied (name of crawled file + “.cvs”), where the extracted comments will be saved, for quicker overview or for further processing.

Compatible with

Delphi 2009 up to Tokyo 10.2

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